Discovering Audible!

Okay, okay, so I’ve had my Audible account since like last year, and whispersync and ‘read aloud’ on my kindle since I broke my arm in 2013, but I have only recently discovered that I can actually LISTEN while I’m driving.

At work, I get these spates where, to and from the bigger sites, I have 20-30 mins to listen straight.

I gotta admit, the first full book I listened to was – Constitution written by Nick Webb and Narrated, by Greg Tremblay.

My review of this is here –

But, the fact remains, I’d never done it before, and now I’m hooked. I got through a couple more books this week, and I’m onto the next. This is going to get pretty darned expensive. lol

What I’ve found more relaxing and exciting than anything is I’m also discovering new stories and ‘sub’ genres that I might not have even looked at. I don’t get anywhere as much time as I used to for reading. And my reading lists now consist more of helping out ‘other writers’ in The Ubergroup on scribophile or my other writing friends with projects they’re working on.

Of course, TSK takes a lot of my time, and so does promoting, organising things and other people. Time is so darned precious at the moment. I have to use it the best way I can, for everyone I’m involved with.

So, I’ve also just finished, Silicone Dawn, written by William Massa and narrated by Joe Hempel. Another book, I just couldn’t put down. the review of that one is here.

I’m telling you, if you travel or do anything where you can listen to a book. Audible, and these guys rock.

Love it!


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