AudioBook Review – Only For Him

I had the experience of Chic Lit this week… You might think WTH because I am totally not a romance or a chic lit kinda girl, but hey this was an experiment to see what duel narrators sounded like together.

What a ride… that’s pretty much all I can say. Yeah, maybe I’m a big softy at heart for the high-school romance and full on life battle story.

–  You can find the First Audio Book here – along with my review.

“Enjoyed it a lot, but….”

I’m leaving the biggest part of my review for the fourth in the series.

YOU have to listen to ALL of the series!!! I can’t say that loud enough. Wonderful Roller coaster of emotions, laughter, joy, pain, almost had me in tears.

But, I say the above because I wasn’t going to listen to the rest of the series, just because of the ending in the first part. I have to be honest. It was in your face, scream at the writer. For all the right and all the wrong reasons. I could have quite easily gone away and said ummp okay… and it’s the only reason I marked it down because it did feel awful. Maybe that was the writers intention, to leave us with no hope, but it wasn’t what I expected.

The thing was I hadn’t even known it was a series, I’d bought this in the interest of taking a listen to duel narrators to see what they were like. And although the story is good. Guy and girl get together etc, with wonderful narration from both XE and Jeffrey, the attention to detail and wonderful expressions the ending was a bit of a let down… If a friend hadn’t pointed it out that it was a series, and I should give the rest a chance, I wouldn’t have carried on. I am so glad that I did. Thank you. Well worth listening to and the second in the series made a good come back, winning me over. So yeah, you got off on that one… but only just….

Think I’m gonna be saying, S Shoot S for a while though it has to be my fav laugh out loud moment, and XE brings such life to it, sad or happy. Great stuff.

If you read this review and are unsure, don’t be. One of the best books you’ll listen to.



But there are 4 parts to this story and if you want to get the full benefit, you have to listen to them all 🙂

So go on. Do it, I know you want to…

Full review on all four parts to the series is –

Of course, when they finally post it haha I’m getting used to how Audible allow their reviews up. (took two weeks to get some approved) hopefully not that long on this one.


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