Featured SciFan Subgenre: Superheroes

Great read, explains a lot about this new SciFan movement which is picking up steam. 🙂

SciFan™ (Science Fantasy)

This article was written by fellow SciFan author Lander Allen, and has been posted with his permission.


In the 2011 movie Thor, Erik Selvig was having a hard time swallowing a fairy tale. After all, he was in a world of Iron Mans, Hulks, and Captain Americas. Everything in his universe so far could be explained by the Science of the universe. He stood in for the audience when he said in essence: Look, we have Chemical formulas that change people into super soldiers, and we have ARC reactors that produce insane amounts of power, and a man that is invincible to G forces flying around in a battle suit. We’re science fiction! Our universe can’t possibly fit in a Norse God that travels the universe on a rainbow bridge, shoots lightning out of a hammer that nobody else can pick up, and was featured as a Viking legend.

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