AudioBook Review – Black Widows

This was a great short Ep and a good introduction to the world created by Michael. I am really interested in more of these, I looked on over to amazon and fingers crossed because there are more!


Black Widows, Episode 1 | [Michael G. Thomas]

“Great Episode and I am looking for more.”


I wasn’t totally sure when I came into this one, so many shorts are just that, part of a larger piece, and I guess this is just that. It shows in the setup and execution. But it’s not a bad thing. I think we get so used to having longer works that we forget the excitement of receiving something as part of a series… so kudos to both writer and narrator for taking this on. It’s well worth the listen and the time to start investing in both narrator and characters.

Story wise, I do think that the all-female cast is really good. It’s not over-done, it’s refreshing because they’re strong and they think. It’s not all about the action.

Of course, I had my fav, and Nancy did a fantastic job of distinguishing between them all even though it was a very short just under 2 hours long…. it was worth investing in and I’m looking forward to more, and will happily follow this new series 🙂 so thank you.

As the author of this review, I received a free copy of this audio, with no requirement to review or endorse. These are my honest thoughts on this story/narration.

AudioBook Review – Arisen Omnibus Edition

First Ever Zombie listen, and wow what a series – I’m now actually on book 7 at the moment, haha, in-between other reviews of course. 🙂


“First Zombie listen!”


I have to admit, I’m a sci fi girl, but I picked this up because I’d some credits to spare and liked that it’s 3 books in one. Bargain.

I liked the read up and being a Brit thought yey, someone who might actually get us a little. I did think that R.C struggled just a little in the first book with the brit accents, but by the time I’d got through to the third, I think he’d really settled into it and I began to enjoy the whole performance.

When the end of the world hits, there’s Britain and by sheer luck managed to batten down the hatches and stay alive….. that is until one of the zombies digs its way out the channel tunnel from France. (and what an ordeal for those still in the tunnel)

I have to say the characters also started out a bit flat. 2D kinda military people who just seemed to get on and do their job no matter what was thrown at them, but by the end of book 3 I’d started to really connect with them all. The military bravado is just that, a huge attempt to just get on with the really crap situations these guys just seemed to keep finding themselves in.

So, top and bottom of it. I enjoyed spending the 15 hours with these die hard characters, so much so I went and bought the rest of the series. And am already on book 5 🙂

Thanks to both narrator and writers, who together made a really good team, and I’m looing forward to seeing how this all plays out.