Facebook “Editors” are Toxic

Took me a long time to find my editing team, and I wouldn’t be without them. 🙂 These are very wise words.

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I need to be clear, this is a rant. I am not going to try to stay calm or present an argument for both sides. I know you probably think that someone must have given me some really harsh feedback, or I am whining about being rejected. The truth is, I was just reading horror stories on the website Writer Beware, went onto Facebook, and saw some posts that screamed, “HEY WRITER, WATCH THE F*CK OUT!” This is a rant against people who prey on writers, and they’re everywhere.

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Don’t believe me? Go on Facebook and join any writers’ group with over 1000 members. I guarantee that there are people who will act as if they are an editor, cover designer, publisher, etc. They are either so inexperienced that they have no idea what they are doing, or they make their living by taking advantage of new writers. Either one can…

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