Featured Author: Dawn Chapman

So great to be featured here, thank you 🙂 and i look forward to more from this exciting new blog!

SciFan™ Magazine

Untitled.pngFellow author Dawn Chapman has been writing professionally since 2005 when she first started writing scripts. So far, three of her shorts have been produced, and she already has a couple of IMBD credits from her work. In fact, she is excited to announce that one of the films that she was lucky to be part of, Tailgate, premiers on the 15th of October 2016! Mark your calendars, and check it out here when it goes live!

Her book The Secret King: Letháo (TSK) began its journey in 2007 when the original idea came to her in a dream. At the time she had the dream, she was stuck at home bored because she had broken her hand at work. “I’m not one for being bored, so I picked up this dream and wrote my first Feature Film.” she says. At the time she was part of a BBC script writing critique group…

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