Fly by weeks

Here’s my baby 🙂 2014-08-20 19.13.20

I can’t tell you how quick sometimes the weeks are going. I thought my mum was on holiday next week, but no it’s this week! OMG I need more hours in the day. I can’t get everything in!

Take a chill pill and after a beer, I feel better. Wowser. Hubby is on the mega early tomorrow, so I needed something to unwind with, and chill out too, so that I hopefully sleep and can sleep past him getting out of bed.

I had my last Skype session with EJ, just a few thing I wanted to question her on, over the MS for TSK and we worked through them quite quick and I think I’ve managed to tweak them so that everything works just tha tbit better.

The best thing about last night, was hubby in the bedroom with Bobby, while I was on SKype (no dirty minds allowed) and EJ was so excited about how far TSK has come. Hubby called her a creep, but I really don’t think she was, it really has come a long way, and I’m super stoked it’s nearly there.

I’ve spent today while in work, thinking about the query and pitch for it. I’m good with logline’s short synopsis etc, but anything longer. eeek. I’m scared.

So, over the next week, I want to spend some time reading and researching how to write a full synopsis. As in a few pages worth. I did have a book on it, but I leant it out. And as usual, some things you just never get back. I won’t lend any of my books out now for this reason. As good natured as I am, people take the p*** don’t they?

: ) happy hump day all.

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