A long weekend :)

And after going out for a couple of drinks, and something to eat. I’ve felt awful all day. Had to cancel plans to go to our friends. I didn’t think I’d have been up to doing anything tonight, and I was right. Not nice at all.

So, I procrastinate most of the day, read, helped Paul out with a few things about the garden and ponds and felt sorry for myself. It wasn’t helpful for me at all. 😦

Now, I’m feeling a bit better, and at least able to do something. So, what can I do. grins.

I think Chapter 7 of TSK – Early Years is calling me, alas, I need to start editing on TSK – Book 2. At least before I am able to start fast tracking it with TZBF on Scrib’d.

Get the whip out Taliri, I need it. lol