Strange week.

So this last couple of weeks has been a bit weird, and very hard on me. Both emotionally and physically.

When you finish a project and can almost say its done, it leaves you with a huge hole in your life. I’ve felt like a part of me is missing.

And with itchy fingers comes a muse who wants to kill me. So, Taliri strikes again, but this time in a very different way. I’ve been exploring a younger version of his life, just after his father, the King dies.

So far in the UG it’s been well received, I tried something different, alternating between Taliri and Sylkx, from Taliri’s First Person POV to Sylkx’s more observing, third. Unfortunately it’s not taken at the moment, but I really want to get a perspective of the 6 chapters till they finally meet before I make my mind up on the decision to move Sylkx to First Person too. I would have to really work hard to maintain his voice, so that him and Taliri don’t sound similar. It’s a WIP. But, I am actually having some fun. And I need a bit of fun after all the editing.

EJ got me my final notes through, and pleased is an understatement. It’s so very good when you get notes back that show how much you’ve improved through the process. 🙂

I’ve been through it from beginning to end once again. (such hard work!) but I love it. And I’ve got one more session booked to talk through things before it goes off to Rogena for the final copy edit.

Can I then take a holiday to Siberia or somewhere? where no one, or no muse can follow me? Pretty please?


On a more personal note. It’s been hard because my husband’s family had a death. It’s a very complicated family on his side, that’s for sure, but I’ve grown to love being a part of him, and who he is. We recently (last year) became friendly with his half brother and partner and their kids. 🙂 (who I love loads by the way) and watching my husband feel and talk about things this weeks been tough, because he isn’t one for talking, and because it’s been hard on people I care lots about.

We also have a few mega big decisions to make, on our future, and none of this is easy and none of this next few months will be either.

Change can be a very good thing, but also it can be heartbreaking. I have all my fingers crossed for some good events.

Siberia is looking all the more a possibility. hehe

2 comments on “Strange week.

  1. Isn’t the editing process a hoot? It’s never ending it seems. 🙂

    I’ve been working ASSiduously, trying to get my book back out. Now I’m arguing with Amazon, trying to get them to offer free updates to customers.

    As for major decisions, I’m not very good at them. 😛 Best wishes.

  2. Thanks hun, yeah totally agree, editing has been one big learning process, but it’s something I can and will take with me, to the next book, and further. Hope you sort out the stuff with amazon. 🙂

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