Almost another week over.

I wish I could say things were getting much better, but to be honest, they’re just the same. 😦 Kinda really getting frustrated with this. 

It’s the uncomfortable tossing and turning and not sleeping. I’m exhausted, not to mention just bored. Every day is the same, no sleep, headache, tired and in pain. 

It’s got a lot colder this week, so today thought I’d put a jumper on. Eventually was able to get my arm in the hole, and over my head. (ouch) But just having the extra weight has made it hurt. I can’t take pain killers just because I’m cold. Ughhh 


Physio again tomorrow, I need to get this hand working like a hand again. I need to grip things and be able to just use it and not with this terrible ache and bone popping. (that’s the worst, it clicks and pops at just about anything)


So that’s about it, a week of blagh…. I hope not for another week of blagh. Hope for some answers tomorrow. I’m skint, we’re supposed to be on holiday a week on Monday, and its a 6 hour drive, (Paul will have to do it on his own) as I defo ain’t capable of. I can’t even wear my own clothes yet. The poor cat hasn’t had a cuddle for 4 weeks : ( and I want a bath, hate showers with aching bones. They do nothing for those. 

I want my holiday so I can just get away from the dreary sight of home. To see friends and chill out even if I’m skint and can’t do so much.  Fed up is not the word. 




Only one good thing this week was my coaching session with EJ. The more I learn the more I see in my own work, it’s getting easier through the ‘pain fog’ just can’t do it all day every day. You do get fed up of your own work as well.

Will catch you up with tomorrow, and let you know how I get on, but not looking forward to it. 

D x x

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