Awesome weekend :)

Such a busy weekend. But a good one. 


Although I haven’t moved so much off the couch. I’ve been editing like crazy. I’ve read through three different chapters for crit as I owe them out. And I’ve read a script for another friend. 🙂 


All in all, fab amount of work. I’m please. 


In other news the snow has kept us from doing much outside. The ponds are cooler than I’d like. Main pond dropped to 10d even with the heating. And the baby tank dropped to 5d so no food for either of them. It was too cold to get the sanke out and sedate and see what was going on so I’m hopeful for the easter hols this next weekend. 


Four days to work then FOUR days off. How awesome. Shopping to get in and lots of writing. So if anyone needs me for anything then I need requests in soon. Before I’m booked up. 


Sunday dinner with mum later, 🙂 Can’t wait for that. Hubby is going out for the evening so it’s me and the cat for the night. A warm fire and some more work. 


Hope everyone is doing well. 🙂 Speak soon.



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