Meeting my editor/mentor :)

Hey everyone. 


I never got chance to write anything down last night, but I Wanted to let you all know how my first session with went. 


It was one of those things you are really looking forward too, but are nervous about as well. I needed have been. 


I had everything set up around me for the allocated time. My laptop and my phone with bluetooth on, for our skype call and when 5 o’clock came we just got right into it. 


I am not the best person to talk over the phone, but I think having to focus on my writing helped me through those nerves. It was all good. 


Now, what did I learn about my writing. 


Well because I’m more a script writer than a novelist I can see why I write the way that I do, and I can now see what I need to fix it. 


E.J was really easy to chat with, she explained everything properly and in a way that I could understand and see what and why I was writing as I was. Rather than any other teacher I’ve had, who just kind of looks down at you and says ‘you are a writer who can’t understand verbs and adverbs… etc etc’ 


Well, my childhood wasn’t very nice. From being bullied by the teachers and the students from Primary school and into then on into high school. It is understandable. I’ve tried to locate someone who will coach me, but have had no luck locally. I think English teachers around here were a little off put by my even small resume and experience level. (really dumb I know) as all I wanted to do was learn more about writing! 


So our next session is for Wed, and I am going to try and implement what I’ve learned from where we stopped last night. 


Onwards 🙂 and all very excited. 


I’m going to post some examples of what we’ve been working on tomorrow, after I’ve looked over it all again. 


Oh, and yippie in other news two weeks away from filming Best Friends Ep 5… how awesome. 🙂 


Catch you soon and hope you all have a wonderful Friday 😡

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