Busy, Busy :)

Sorry I haven’t had much chance to post this week. But I’ve been rushed off my feet.


Lots of good news for you all to read.  🙂 I’ve just been so happy and thrilled with this week, it has been a blast. I don’t want it to end. lol


Monday was a fantastic day for me. I got my first ‘payment’ through for our web series ‘Best Friends’ I know it sounds crazy. Being the writer was much more exciting for me, but getting paid for it just cemented that my writing was worth something.


Of course I decided what I wanted to do with the cash. And so I’ve set up and am going to start working with an editor/mentor to help bring my writing to a whole new level.  I’ll keep you posted on that and chat about my progress and what is like, after the first session…  can’t wait for it.


I love the OWWSFF and all the people I meet there and I will continue to post and read others work, but I hope that working a little harder on my own style will make the reading easier on everyone.

Then of course when I am satisfied I aim to take it further.


Tues was just as interesting a day for me. I had a really nice surprise visitor come around for when I got home. We had a good old chin wag, (I never got my coffee though) but it kind of put me behind with other things and I didn’t get much chance to edit etc.


I was also asked to take part in a radio show (U.S based) to talk about my upcoming projects. And more than likely for everyone to laugh at my daffy UK accent.


I’ll keep you posted on all fronts though for sure. 🙂


And well today has just been a good one too. I am really positive about this year. Things are all settling into place and I just love it all at the moment.


I’m just off out with the other half for a celebratory ‘dinner’ ….


Catch you all later and enjoy your evening.


Dawn x x




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