The final week!


Only just realized today that I only have 6 days left to meet my target. So, pushing on through that wall wasn’t good.

We had some pretty bad news yesterday, which defo hasn’t helped the mojo, but I managed to get on with it and have reached 38k today almost 4000 words. I am pretty happy.

The funeral has been dealt with, I interjected a little fun afterwards to bring my remaining characters around and now we’re just had the birth of their heir 🙂 So all is good in my writing world at present.

Now, I am back at the exciting action stuff and not so much the ‘sad’ bits, so as the excitement builds my writing fingers take over.

If I can get over the 40k tomorrow, then I know I don’t have to push myself too much through the week. I need to get this out of the way, and hope that the ‘other crap’ will be dealt with on monday. 😦

Anyway, this was just a quick one, late now and I need something to drink and some sleep. So a nice vodka and coke, some nuts and a cuddle with the cat for a while will help. The other half is playing snooker in the local club, so I’ve had a bit of peace and quiet for a change. Nice…

Thanks to all who follow me, speak soon.

Dawn x

Hitting that wall!!!


So, you all know that I am on a nanowrimo mission. To complete 50k in a month. Although my novel will be much higher than that. I am thinking more along the lines of 80-90k. I guess we’ll see. Being a script writer by trade, its tough to let the creative side out, so I know I will need to add in a lot more ‘descriptive stuff’ for it to be classed as a novel yet.


I’ve blogged this week about killing characters and funeral. Which I’ve managed to get my head around. At least for the most part.

But for the last couple of days I’ve really struggled with the word count. I’ve hit the proverbial ‘wall’ … it happens in excersise and it can happen with ‘mission impossible’ writing too.


So where can I go from here. Well I have to push on to be fair.


Although this isn’t a ‘paid’ writing gig, this is a challenge which I accepted and will complete, no matter what.


We’ve been discussing ‘writing though’ in one of the groups I frequent. Where one person thinks that you shouldn’t push yourself and write ‘crap’ others like myself think that discipline and writing have to work hand in hand. It isn’t about ‘pushing through and writing crap’ it is about pushing through knowing that your heart isn’t in it, but that you will and can complete on time.


After all, what producer or director would ever hire you if you can’t push through a little ‘pain’ and get on with the job.


So, this weekend might be a tough one. I am just shy of 34k, I am hoping that I can push onwards and more towards the 40k, after all we’re not long now till the end of the month and the whole nano challenge.


I will keep you informed, and hope that I can do this. Just need to find my mojo again. Fingers crossed for me. 🙂


Dawn x

Killing a character :(

So, today I am feeling a little rough. Woke up this morning and couldn’t feel the left side of my throat. Swallowing was even worse, so I am afraid I had a hot toddy and went to bed for an hour. That means little writing done for the day. 😦

What I wanted to chat about here really was the thoughts I’ve been feeling for the last few days. I’ve gotten to know my characters through November pretty well. They’re funny, loving and hard working.  Yet, when the opportunity arises to do that most hurtful thing and lose a character, how do you do it?

I don’t mean how you actually kill them, there can be many reasons for their death. What I mean is how you cope and deal with it as a writer?

Spoiler – For me, this time around came because my story takes place with my characters fleeing their home planet. They are at war with a neighbouring species. This particular character is a hero, he saves many lives in aptly defending his people while injured. Those injuries aren’t yet life threatening. (But the opportunity arose for me to lose him) yet I couldn’t quite make that final decision. I thought and thought about it. But, I just couldn’t kill him.

So I posed the question to facebook and my writer friends….

It was a close friends (lovely) wife that said ‘If in doubt, kill them.’ and that was the final straw, my characters fate was sealed. And his injuries became life threatening and then he passed on.

I am totally at a loss now. Mourning along with everyone left behind. 😦

I feel for them and I feel for myself.

Does anyone else have any experience as they lose characters, or purposely plan to kill them off? How do you deal with it? Do you get as upset as me? Or are you all okay with it?

I have had a break today, but I’ll be getting back into the swing of it tomorrow. Although writing in a funeral isn’t going to be nice either.

Happy writing all. 🙂

Dawn x


When the excitment takes over!

So yeah, kinda got really involved in the writing process today. Yesterday I made it over the 30k which was a big accomplishment for me, but I left my characters hanging on the verge of destruction and a very epic space battle with their enemy.

Today, that battle took place. I wrote the quickest 2000 words in my life. My fingers couldn’t keep up with the thoughts and emotions going on.

As one of my main characters was injured and fighting for, well not only his life but everyone on board the ship. I found myself totally awestruck to how strong and formidable this guy actually is. Broken ribs and a punctured lung and he’s still going… nothing can take him down!
Well, the battle is won (for now, although the enemy will be back) but my character is a mess.

Should I keep him alive? Or should he be the first major casualty of war!

Decisions, decisions 🙂

Well the word count for today is done, I’ve had my dinner and a beer to chill out.  Will mull over his life tonight and see what I finally decide tomorrow.

I think I’ll be heartbroken if I lose him, but sometimes you have to do it.

Catch you soon.

Dawn x

The Pandoran Age Chronicles

Hey guys/gals

Although working very hard on my own novel, I also have a couple of other projects that I am involved with. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you more to this one.

I would love to talk more about the writing that I am involved with and this science fiction project is amazing!

4217 and a Galactic Dark Age hangs over humanity. A collection of rogues is our species only hope as extra-dimensional psychic vampires swarm the galaxy. Smugglers and psychics, spies and soldiers; pirates and madmen. Each finding their destiny lies in the thick of a war to save humanity from extinction.

Like our facebook page too.

If you love looking at art work, the animators and designers over at the main website are just amazing. I’ve been very honored to work with these brilliant guys who are from all over the world.

Writing, animation and filming are my passion. So please, please check this project out. Especially the videos, they are so fab.

And of course, message me any thoughts, always willing to listen to the public.

Thanks everyone… will post later about Nanowrimo 🙂