Hitting that wall!!!


So, you all know that I am on a nanowrimo mission. To complete 50k in a month. Although my novel will be much higher than that. I am thinking more along the lines of 80-90k. I guess we’ll see. Being a script writer by trade, its tough to let the creative side out, so I know I will need to add in a lot more ‘descriptive stuff’ for it to be classed as a novel yet.


I’ve blogged this week about killing characters and funeral. Which I’ve managed to get my head around. At least for the most part.

But for the last couple of days I’ve really struggled with the word count. I’ve hit the proverbial ‘wall’ … it happens in excersise and it can happen with ‘mission impossible’ writing too.


So where can I go from here. Well I have to push on to be fair.


Although this isn’t a ‘paid’ writing gig, this is a challenge which I accepted and will complete, no matter what.


We’ve been discussing ‘writing though’ in one of the groups I frequent. Where one person thinks that you shouldn’t push yourself and write ‘crap’ others like myself think that discipline and writing have to work hand in hand. It isn’t about ‘pushing through and writing crap’ it is about pushing through knowing that your heart isn’t in it, but that you will and can complete on time.


After all, what producer or director would ever hire you if you can’t push through a little ‘pain’ and get on with the job.


So, this weekend might be a tough one. I am just shy of 34k, I am hoping that I can push onwards and more towards the 40k, after all we’re not long now till the end of the month and the whole nano challenge.


I will keep you informed, and hope that I can do this. Just need to find my mojo again. Fingers crossed for me. 🙂


Dawn x

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