Hit the 10k mark :)


So, working really hard on nanowrimo. The ideas and the characters are flowing really, really well. This has been the blessing I have been waiting for.


It is such a shame that I didn’t have this motivation last week while I was on holiday, but hey ho.


I’ve had some time to also plot, plan and organize the world that I am writing in. Because it is part of The Secret King series there are already rules, established characters and plot points that I can work around, so ‘The beginning’ isn’t too difficult.


One thing, I am finding a little difficult is names. I need people to be remembered, but I also don’t want too many to become involved either, so each one must count.


I like organizing however, the series bible is extensive, the world solid. So, now it is also going to be colour coded too, so that anyone who comes into the series at a later date. (like my good friend and animator) he can totally follow where what and who everyone is.


I always back up, so having a hard copy as well as a paper one is great. I can take the paper one anywhere I go. And the word files can be accessed through my drop box account.


Everyone should have a dropbox account. A safe place to store all your work and you can access it anywhere. Brilliant.


So, now that I have reached the 10k mark, I am going to relax for a little bit, read and then off to bed.


Night, night all.


And for those who are doing, nano… keep going. It is possible.