When the excitment takes over!

So yeah, kinda got really involved in the writing process today. Yesterday I made it over the 30k which was a big accomplishment for me, but I left my characters hanging on the verge of destruction and a very epic space battle with their enemy.

Today, that battle took place. I wrote the quickest 2000 words in my life. My fingers couldn’t keep up with the thoughts and emotions going on.

As one of my main characters was injured and fighting for, well not only his life but everyone on board the ship. I found myself totally awestruck to how strong and formidable this guy actually is. Broken ribs and a punctured lung and he’s still going… nothing can take him down!
Well, the battle is won (for now, although the enemy will be back) but my character is a mess.

Should I keep him alive? Or should he be the first major casualty of war!

Decisions, decisions 🙂

Well the word count for today is done, I’ve had my dinner and a beer to chill out.  Will mull over his life tonight and see what I finally decide tomorrow.

I think I’ll be heartbroken if I lose him, but sometimes you have to do it.

Catch you soon.

Dawn x