The final week!


Only just realized today that I only have 6 days left to meet my target. So, pushing on through that wall wasn’t good.

We had some pretty bad news yesterday, which defo hasn’t helped the mojo, but I managed to get on with it and have reached 38k today almost 4000 words. I am pretty happy.

The funeral has been dealt with, I interjected a little fun afterwards to bring my remaining characters around and now we’re just had the birth of their heir 🙂 So all is good in my writing world at present.

Now, I am back at the exciting action stuff and not so much the ‘sad’ bits, so as the excitement builds my writing fingers take over.

If I can get over the 40k tomorrow, then I know I don’t have to push myself too much through the week. I need to get this out of the way, and hope that the ‘other crap’ will be dealt with on monday. 😦

Anyway, this was just a quick one, late now and I need something to drink and some sleep. So a nice vodka and coke, some nuts and a cuddle with the cat for a while will help. The other half is playing snooker in the local club, so I’ve had a bit of peace and quiet for a change. Nice…

Thanks to all who follow me, speak soon.

Dawn x

2 comments on “The final week!

    • Thanks for the comment, I think it is going to be more about the 80k, it is no where near finished yet, but it will get there. Dec for finishing it off, Jan for editing, then we’ll see 🙂


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