Ep 3 is up… oh and nano is here :)

Yeah, so Best Friends Ep 3 is up and wow, great job guys and girls. I am really pleased.

And in other news, yeah, I decided to start Nano. Have an idea, a wing, and a prayer.

The Secret King as most of you know is my sci fi TV series. I have a novel already completed for it, (needs heavy editing though) and I have a fantastic animator and web designer helping me sort out other things.

So, in the spirit of it all. The Secret King – The Beginning is born.

With their sun about to go Super Nova, Kendro, King of The Aonise fights to save the people he loves from total annihilation.

Just a quick teaser for you…

(yes the script is already written too) so I do have something planned, not quite winging it.

Progress report along the way, although I should be writing that and not this, so blogs might be few and far between.


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