Best Friends Ep 2 live :)

Yeah, seems ages ago I was posting about being on a weeks break. Back at it today. Haven’t felt well all weekend and that feeling bugged me all day, think my clock is just out. Hoping I’ll be back on form tomorrow.

Wasn’t a great day yesterday either. I treated the main pond again for Costia, just to get any stragglers, and one of my male fish had a panic attack and I had to stop treatment.

I am going to have to leave them alone now till after winter is over. They’ve been through the mill, as have I.

Fingers crossed there is nothing alive in the pond other than the fish…

With some good news. 🙂

Best Friends Ep 1 and Ep 2 is now playing on the ‘web series channel’

So pop over there and check it out.

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