I cant believe in some way’s how quick the time is going.


We went  for another meal withSianand Noel on Friday night and then came back to ours for a drink and some more talking, butSianwas really tired so she left before 12.


It was great to see them so happy and looking forward to having a baby… I am really pleased for them.


We talked about the plans for the house, and she seemed as excited as us.


Saturday we didn’t do so much, as we were going out sat night toSouthportwith John and Beata. This was really nice to get out and have a drink and really enjoy myself. I was a little nervous in case I saw Kate, but it didn’t last long. I am sure she will find out from Sylvia and Laura.


I don’t want to bother with it to be honest. And especially not to think about it.


Sunday we went and cleaned out van and packed the rest of the few bits. It was good to see it all clean, and to be able to finally walk away and know it really ahs been sold. They finished paying for it on Sunday and sorted out the paperwork.


I don’t know how to feel about it really, I am still a bit shell shocked.


Anyways I went to the hospital yesterday, and we made our own home made soup and it went quite well, at lunch. Dinner was hard, they won’t bring any other hot deserts over now, so we are stuck with eating two yogurts in one day, its not nice believe me.


I have put on two pounds, but I am ok with it, as pat says it is muscle, so I have been trying to think of it like that, but my weight really seems to just stay the same.


I hope everything will work out ok.


I am feeling more positive about things, and am going to go back to work soon, I know I want to anyways. Just to get things moving forward again.


I am a bit nervous but I will really be ok.


I have to be, as I want to think I can do this…


I have asked to try a course in Transactional Analysis, and am really thinking about doing a degree in it, to try and get better work, I don’t want to stay at the factory any more.


My mum hasn’t been well this last week, she has been really down and a pale looking, I took her to the doctors today who say she has a viral bug.


At least she now knows so she can rest properly.


Hoping everything is ok for my friends even though I am not on the net I do miss it.


Am seeing Shirley on Thursday and I think she will be pleased with my decisions.


Your Dawn xxx

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