Hey there everyone.

So had a bad week, but at least it is over, have been picking myself up slowly, although hardly ate anything at all, so feeling bad for that, as Ed is winning. I started this morning off not so good, ate a bit of toast before going horse riding. I think I would have fallen off other wise, oops.

When I got there Michelle had us booked in for ten it was 850… So I had a wait, plus it’s normally learners at ten, so we managed to squeeze in early and had our lesson before them. My normal horse Rufus is sick so I was put on Belle, and she was great, a bit smaller so I felt a bit sorry for her lumping my weight around, but her trot and canter were fantastic, she is much easier to ride, and not as lazy. So I am having her next time.

I heard from New York in the week, but wasn’t up to really thinking about it. I read the critique from the editor, and I have some improvements which can be made, so I am going to start them today. Then I also heard from my agent, who wants me to continue with a bit of extra coaching. I am unsure as I still think its a scam, but if I am learning and improving my skills in most ways it isn’t, its just money after all, and to invest in any care most of us go to college don’t we,

Also heard from the hospital, and they are having a meeting about me on the 1st October, to see when I can go in for a bit. Am really feeling low about everything, but am trying not to let it get me down to much. I had a bad week, am sure there are people out there who also have had bad weeks.

I am looking forward to some good ones though, and I have my holiday in 4 weeks, so am focussing on that. I know I need a break.

Hoping to get round to say hello to everyone today, but I might not, take care all. Love to ya….

Dawn xxx

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