Wow busy night, been editing and polishing my script and stuff to send to new York, so that’s it, I have done as much as I think I can, so now lets see what happens hey…

Im hoping it gets a good review if nothing else, so keep your fingers crossed.

Anyways, as for everything else, what’s happened so far this week, ummm not much, Monika has decided to leave the flat I moved her to a few months back, she cant afford it now, so she is moving in with Kate, which is good in a sense, at least they wont be working together and living together, that would be a recipe for disaster… heheheh

Nothing else much has happened, its really quiet in work, and I hope to god that Kate is going to stay, I don’t want to be left alone again like I was late last year, I know I have some other good friends, but its really not the same…

I also hope our jobs are safe to, am thinking if it is so slack now it’s going to be way worse in winter when no farmer wants boxes….

Life is really weird aint it.

I’ve not done great with food this week, been sick twice, and hardly ate in the first place, so managed some bacon and eggs tonight and got some for dinner tomorrow got to try and keep my energy levels up. I still aint sleeping and am finding it so hard to want to do anything at all this week, I am really having to force myself, anyone out there got a bomb to shove up my ass…. lol

Anyways, I have had enough typing, for today anyway, I really wish I had a printer, got so much stuff to do and nothing to print it off on……… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………… Oh well I am defiantly going to get one next week, sod what Paul says, he’s been buying fishing stuff so am getting something I need…

Hope everyone is ok, and sorry to those who I haven’t said hello to in a couple of days, been a pretty crap week so far, and I don’t think its going to get much better, think I need some time off, maybe I will do soon….

Love ya all…. Dawn xxxxxx