Just wanted to say a big thank you to some of my friends, for being there when things are really bad, and for the lovely messages on my last blog.

I have had yet another strange day, but I am ok, I went to the docs this morning to get some more happy pills as they seem to be doing ok with me at the moment, so was going to keep with them, and I mentioned to the doctor that I seem to be bruising a bit, as have quite a lot at the moment, and he took the pills off me and sent me for an immediate blood test, apparently these pills and most of them can cause blood disorders.

So I went for the tests, and the nurse was really nice, but boy she hurt me, and I decided to pass out, lol, oh dear I felt so sick, all panicky and sweaty, and Yuk, needles don’t really bother me as I have two tattoos. But oh dear me, I felt bad…

Anyways now I have a nice bruise developing on my arm, so there you go, am glad it’s Friday and the week is over, I can start fresh again…

Take care everyone, and speak to you soon.

Dawn xx

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