Yes am not on to a good week.

Got my letter from the hospital, and have to go next Friday, so am already getting nervous, I hate going to places like that, but if I want to get help then I have to.

I had a friend put a lot of pressure on me over the weekend, and I am going to have to sort this problem out, as it’s not getting any easier. No matter how I say ‘can I please have some space, I am sick at the moment,’ she just doesn’t get it. And the stupidity of it was she wanted to take me to an all you can eat Chinese buffet this week, and then had the nerve to tell me I couldn’t say no.

Well I did say no, that’s for sure, I am going to see her this Friday and am going to have to say something. I know she wants to see me, but come on; she just isn’t getting the picture…

Had another letter today as well. Got an invite from first take, to go for an interview in October, for their next filming project.

I am unsure as to whether I can get time off for it, but I am going to try…

Hope everyone else’s week is better than mine…

Love Dawn xx

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