Money is a very hard earned thing, and some people really do work hard for it.

Now as a writer, I have sent some of my work to a publishing agency in New York as you well know, but I was sceptical at first, and now even more so…

The thing is they are asking for an independent critique to be done, which is no big problem, but would cost about £60, so at the moment yes it is, money isn’t that tight, but if its juts a scam I am not going to be very happy about it.

I do want to trust them; I feel that everything they have sent to me has been ok and professional, but is it just professional in getting money out of someone.

I am wondering whether to go for it, and say sod it it’s only money, and give them a go, they could be genuine and really want to help, and it could be the break I need. It’s not much different from paying a reading fee for a publishing house, but then you don’t get anything in return.

Please help me with this one, I am so unsure of whether to give it a shot.

Then of course there is everything else that comes with being successful, do I really want it, I can’t say that I do want any sort of attention at the moment, or in the future, as so many people are just too faced, and there aren’t many genuine ones around.


Other than blowing up my printer last night and looking through this contract, I haven’t done so much, been lazy… well had a lot to think about and of course, oh yeah started on Flouroxatine, anti depressant, so there are a few side effects, like me wanting to go to sleep right now…..

Take care all, and please reply, could do with some advice…

Dawn xx