Well today has been interesting, had a fall out in work, and then went the pub at dinner, only had a shandy but still felt typsey. Then went horse riding, which was great, I was on dimple again, and was bounced all over the place, lol…

Am going again next week, for a little longer, so we can get used to cantering, lol, it is great fun.

Michelle actually got to come round for a coffee as she had a day off, so was real nice to talk to her, seeing as I ride with her but don’t yet know her, lol…

Anyways she is lovely, and can actually see us getting away next year for a weekend riding, it really will be a laugh, she def has a giggle on her. Wondering what she is like on a night out, heheheheheh. Fun I think…

Anyways, thank you to everyone, who reads my blogs, and takes the time to reply. Means a lot.

Still aint doing great but hanging in there, and some of the people here, make it just that bit easier….

((((hugs))))) To you all…..
Dawn xx

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