The weekend was really really great..

Got to Pooley Bridge on the Friday and set up the trailer tent then had a bit to eat and a few drinks, it only started raining at 1110. Luckily we got the awning up so we sat in there for a bit which was cool

Sat got up and went to the market, and I got a new friend to bring home… A kitten, well a kitten toy… She is so cute…

Sunday I drove home and when I got in Paul went out and took our friend the airport, I went to bed.

I have been so tired as of late, and I know why… just not eating enough for a few months is enough to make you really tired, and not want to do anything.

I talked to Sian on Monday as went to visit her, and she noticed the weight loss, I tried to talk about it a bit, but still cant.

Then yesterday had to come home because I just physically couldn’t work, had a stinking headache and just wanted bed, I slept from 1230 till 430 and then went back at 9 and slept all night…

I know I love me bed, but not that much, I really am beginning to feel really crap…

Got called into the office this morning over my claim against our company, and at last they are going to make our work area safe again, so am really happy, plus I think my solicitor will be pleased too.

Then got home to a shit letter off the hospital, am on a waiting list for the hospital, and that has really put me down…

Do I have to lose another 10kg before they can help me, I feel so helpless…

I hate our system, unless you are stick thin you don’t get any help and I am fed up of it….

Dawn xx

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