am not having a great day, but oh well. Have tried to be strong today and haven’t managed it at all…

I hate work and I hate eating…..

Grrr, why did I have to open my big gob on Friday and talk about it… alcohol, should really just avoid it shouldn’t I???

Anyways, now all I feel like doing is just hiding, every time I want to eat something in work there is someone there, who I know is just watching me.

I am getting really anxious and paranoid over everything, and its doing my head in.

I am having nightmares again, and I don’t like them, I am scared to sleep, and even if I wanted to I can’t…

I am just so tired, and exhausted. I am hungry but I daren’t let myself eat…

I hate this illness, and I really hate myself at the moment.

This is pointless isn’t it?

Why can’t I just get on with everything and be the person I want to be.

Dawn x