Hello everyone, have had a great Friday, work was interesting, spent the morning with my friend Michelle, who had me giggling away, lol, was good to talk to her today, went to the pub at dinner with everyone, which was nice, don’t normally do that, and then I went horse riding. My other friend Michelle, said next year she would love to come away with me for a few days on a horse, so that’s great something to look forward to.

Then I went to see my granddad, which was lovely, spent a few hours there, and sat talking about everything, from his childhood to my dads, and then loads about my Nan.

I came home had a shower as I really really smelled of horsier and then Paul took me out for a nice cheap meal in out local pub, I got a bottle of wine, and am about to go finish it off.

I hope everyone has a lovely evening…

Take care, Dawn xxx



So Thursday it is, and is so looking forward to Friday….

Had a boring day but done a lot of thinking, have eaten two egg buns today, so am doing a little better than yesterday and now is drinking cider.

I know not a great idea to get drunk on an almost empty stomach, but I am ok honest.

Been doing a lot of research today on publishers and agents, but am keeping my fingers xed for someone to take an interest in me…

Hope everyone has a great evening.

A special thanks goes out to some real nice people… Stewart, Jacky Chris, Claire, Paul, Alex, and everyone else, who has given me a warm message in the last few days.

Take care all

Dawn xxxx


am not having a great day, but oh well. Have tried to be strong today and haven’t managed it at all…

I hate work and I hate eating…..

Grrr, why did I have to open my big gob on Friday and talk about it… alcohol, should really just avoid it shouldn’t I???

Anyways, now all I feel like doing is just hiding, every time I want to eat something in work there is someone there, who I know is just watching me.

I am getting really anxious and paranoid over everything, and its doing my head in.

I am having nightmares again, and I don’t like them, I am scared to sleep, and even if I wanted to I can’t…

I am just so tired, and exhausted. I am hungry but I daren’t let myself eat…

I hate this illness, and I really hate myself at the moment.

This is pointless isn’t it?

Why can’t I just get on with everything and be the person I want to be.

Dawn x



Sunday is the best day in the week I think…

After a good few nights out it’s great to stay in bed most of the day.

Had a phone call off my dad, and my Nan has left me something in an envelope.

I am worried now as to what it is, and a little excited, my dad says there is a letter too.

I had a great night with my mum and step dad, and we had a Chinese, of which I did well and ate a bit of everything, so in some ways am doing ok. Had two drinks, watched a film which was a pirate, and just on getting to the good bits, the flipping thing went off didn’t it….

How annoying…

Anyways am just going to settle down and watch a film now, one off sky so I know it won’t go off…

Hope you all have a wonderful evening, what ever you are doing…

Dawn xx



Well after having an interesting afternoon, down in the pub with our new employer, and a free bar, I went out last night to the club on here, and had some more fun, its a good thing I wasn’t the one falling over tables, and stripping off on the dance floor, otherwise I would have had one hell of a red face this morning..

Anyways, needless to say the night was eventful, and I as a writer only can do kept mental note of the things that go on in this crazy world.

It was a mindful of information, and I really must do it more often, although next time, I will go in with some female friends instead of Paul, he cant keep up the pace, bless him..

Anyways, I am off to my mums tonight, for a Chinese and a DVD, I think I need the rest after last night, heheh, and to sit and relax is defiantly in order…

Hope all is well with everyone, and sorry I haven’t been around much this last week. Life can be so hectic at times…

Dawn xx