Well after having an interesting afternoon, down in the pub with our new employer, and a free bar, I went out last night to the club on here, and had some more fun, its a good thing I wasn’t the one falling over tables, and stripping off on the dance floor, otherwise I would have had one hell of a red face this morning..

Anyways, needless to say the night was eventful, and I as a writer only can do kept mental note of the things that go on in this crazy world.

It was a mindful of information, and I really must do it more often, although next time, I will go in with some female friends instead of Paul, he cant keep up the pace, bless him..

Anyways, I am off to my mums tonight, for a Chinese and a DVD, I think I need the rest after last night, heheh, and to sit and relax is defiantly in order…

Hope all is well with everyone, and sorry I haven’t been around much this last week. Life can be so hectic at times…

Dawn xx

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