Saturday, umm got up did a little cleaning and spent most of the day writing and sleeping… hehehehe am lazy… went out with my dad for a bit and seen his new kitchen very very nice. Although it aint quite finished yet.
Sunday ummm more of the same lazed about and chilled out

so up to now this week is going ok, I went back to work but didn’t feel like it really. Got a puncture on the back tyre of the bike, so that kind of kept me busy most of yesterday with Paul trying to get it sorted out. Lucky enough we have a spare…

I rang my granddad yesterday, he is a bit lonely and sad but he seems ok, I think 64 years living and sharing your life with someone when they aren’t there anymore I think you would feel like part of you was missing, and it must be heart breaking

I am a little upset after looking into Manchester Royal hospital, its private, and think there should be someone nearer than that if they going to send me private.. I don’t know what the NHS thinks some times…

Food wise still aint so good, but am trying. A little at a time.

Hope everyone else is doing ok…

Dawn x

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