Sunday is the best day in the week I think…

After a good few nights out it’s great to stay in bed most of the day.

Had a phone call off my dad, and my Nan has left me something in an envelope.

I am worried now as to what it is, and a little excited, my dad says there is a letter too.

I had a great night with my mum and step dad, and we had a Chinese, of which I did well and ate a bit of everything, so in some ways am doing ok. Had two drinks, watched a film which was a pirate, and just on getting to the good bits, the flipping thing went off didn’t it….

How annoying…

Anyways am just going to settle down and watch a film now, one off sky so I know it won’t go off…

Hope you all have a wonderful evening, what ever you are doing…

Dawn xx

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