Hello everyone, have had a great Friday, work was interesting, spent the morning with my friend Michelle, who had me giggling away, lol, was good to talk to her today, went to the pub at dinner with everyone, which was nice, don’t normally do that, and then I went horse riding. My other friend Michelle, said next year she would love to come away with me for a few days on a horse, so that’s great something to look forward to.

Then I went to see my granddad, which was lovely, spent a few hours there, and sat talking about everything, from his childhood to my dads, and then loads about my Nan.

I came home had a shower as I really really smelled of horsier and then Paul took me out for a nice cheap meal in out local pub, I got a bottle of wine, and am about to go finish it off.

I hope everyone has a lovely evening…

Take care, Dawn xxx

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