I love Sundays, the weather is great and you can get to do anything you want…

Lol, well the weather started off great, I was going to get the barby out this afternoon, but now it’s raining. At least I got to power wash all my flags this morning, so they are nice and clean.
I cleaned my caravan from top to bottom, and it’s looking lovely, and now, I can sit and chill, got a roast dinner in the over that hubby has prepared, he’s cutting a Swede up now, and am sure he is going to cut his finger off, silly man….

Anyways, have got loads of writing done, nearly finished my covering letter to go with one of my stories, now all I need to do is send it off to an agent on Monday and hopefully get some interest. Fingers crossed, you never know…

Anyone got anything nice planned for the rest of the day?
If you get bored drop me a line, even though I am writing, I can talk too…

Dawn xx

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