9th June

That’s it, I have had enough of friends, I don’t want any, any more, they just fucking suck…

On Thursday it was my friend’s birthday, and she went out and had too much to drink, so cancelled our horse riding class on the Friday, yeah I was upset and didn’t say anything, but now, because I cant do something with her at the time she wants I get all this shit….

I don’t think so, if she doesn’t want my friendship anymore then forget it, all the time I do things for people, and all I get is rubbish in return. I am sat here now crying, because I am sick in the first place and have been for three days, and because I get nothing but hassle off people, and I have had enough..

Yes I feel like going and taking a razor and hurting myself, and I want to do this because someone is being shit to me.

I don’t want to do anything anymore, I haven’t eaten properly in months, and I am sick at least twice a week.

Oh yeah they pretend they care, and they don’t want to lose me as a friend, then tough, because every one can get lost.

Enough is enough and that’s it. NO MORE…

Dawn x



Yes I had a bad morning, and as I wasn’t feeling well anyways it took its affect on my psych. Am feeling a little better now, still upset with my friend but hey, that’s friends for you.
Am supposed to have been going out tonight but cant face it, hadn’t eaten all day but just have now, didn’t enjoy it but know I cant function on nothing.

I think I might stop out for a bit but then will come home going back later to pick the others up when they eventually come out of the pubs they like.

Hope everyone has some great plans for a great evening, and thanks to all who responded this morning,

sometimes words of kindness and good thoughts are all we need.

Dawn x

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