Is there anyone with anything interesting to say out there, I am a little sad and bored to see nothing much other than jokes and blah blah on net log today…

Sometimes I wish people would just talk about themselves for once, how we all can get to know each other and become friends if we don’t talk…

For those of my friends who are going to read this, thanks for chatting today, and am feeling a little better, wondering what I can try and eat for my tea, as I don’t wan to be kept up all night with tummy ach again, I want to go to work tomorrow, I need the money, sad aint it, when we have to go to work to keep surviving.

Oh well not long, only 12mths to go and no more debts, then we can plan lots of great stuff to do together, our small mortgage gone, and loads of free cash, heheheheh, cant wait…

Take care all.

Dawn x

12th June 2007

Just to let everyone know am feeling much better, and have been doing a little bit of stuff today.

Am going back to work tomorrow, even though I don’t really want to but have to help pay the bills. Life hey.

Anyways, been doing some research on funding for a film, and also been writing…

Thanks for everyone who has been inspirational today, hope to catch you all soon…


Anyone else interested msg me I got an hour left to chat before I go off to bed…


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