Why does everything revolve around, sex, I go into work and all the lads talk about is sex… my friend Andy is really obsessed with it, apparently I have a great camels toe. Nice to know, I suppose.

I understand why they obsess about it, and I am so sure if I were a man I would walk round with a permanent erection, as I think about it all the time. My brain is obsessed, and my body is, but please less of the animal remarks…

Andy is terrified of me according to his friend Mark. I am a married woman and this guy really is scared. What he thinks I would do to him I have no idea….. Yeah he is handsome and pretty charming, but no matter what, Paul comes first and even if we were stuck in a lift or in the middle of no where, my heart is spoken for.

He loves playing games in work, and of course to get through the day most of the time I play along, ‘How much for him?’ ‘What are his chances out of a hundred if you were single,’ but the thing is he always likes to talk about himself too… He is nice but really he drives me batty, of course he says the same about me.

I don’t know, he doesn’t like me, so his mate says, but really he confuses the hell out of me.

If people were just honest and said exactly what they were thinking it would be so much easier…. wouldn’t it.

Am going for an early night, I have a headache…. no wonder hey???

Dawn x

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