To say I had an odd weekend, would be an understatement, I really don’t know what happened….

Friday was brilliant, at work we has such a laugh, and because one of the lads was leaving, we all went to the pub, with our bosses permission, and had a few drinks with hi, we even got an extra paid fifteen minutes, wow, amazing, and then on the return to work, one of them broke down.

I had had a lot to drink; umm how many drinks can you actually have in half an hour…………..

Should I say how much vodka can you drink in half an hour and still stand up and work?????

Ummm I am getting so used to the polish way of drinking I have now decided that it’s just not good.

When we finished in the pub we quickly walked and got 4 beers of which one we gave to phill who was leaving and the others for us for after work. This is polish beer by the way…

Kate and I drank? Shots in 30 mins, and could still walk straight, and of course work, as we only finish at 245….

Got back to work and because our manager Steve had worked through dinner and not had a pint, Kate and I gave him a bottle of beer, and we got to work.

Ummm apart from having the third degree off my mate Andy, who is just as horny as I am all day, and never stops talking about sex, we had such a laugh…

When we finished, Kate’s brother was late picking us up so Kate and I opened our beer and began to drink, we then learned another or our mates had lost his job, but he was sacked not made redundant like the other guy… and we waited, he waited with us a little shocked I think.

Kate’s brother then came and took us home of to which we went past mine and then back to mine about an hour later. Mad…

It was pouring down with rain, (Glad we never went camping) and Kate and I walked to get a bottle of vodka) got soaked and then we stayed up till four in the morning.

I was a bit worse for wear on sat morning, but still took her home after dinner.

The rest of the weekend, was rather strange, very subdued and quiet, really I have been a little depressed. But kicked that back into touch last night.

Went to meet Sian for a few drinks in ormskirk, got oogled at by the guys in the Italian restaurant we went in to and then when in the bar later, got chatting to some nice Australian lads. Maybe we were just oozing sexual hormones or something? I don’t know… or maybe it was just because we were dressed to kill. Lol…

Should be going, am rabbiting about nothing really, am going to chill out and have a glass of coke I think, diet of course.

he he he

Dawn xxx

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