Well I was intending on posting something more the only reason why I am on now is they changed my computer package, and it’s working by some UN earthly means,

oh boy what a crappy day, I was talking to some really cool people this morning and I was cut off. My friend Rachael from Australia, and then I wasn’t, and I had no means to tell them I couldn’t get back on….

Oh crazy day and crazy computer…

Am going to get some wine, now and umm maybe a lot of other things, but I am sure I will feel better tomorrow…

hope you are all good…



Oh stupid computer, I am going to cry… I wrote a real deep blog and its vanished, lam going to get some well earned rest… and will try again tomorrow, next time I am going to save it in word before trying to post it..

Hope you all have a good night, and catch you tomorrow…


By kanundra Posted in netlog

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