Today has been really cool, got loads of writing done, think my creative spark is well on its way back… think we all hit a bad spot now and again..

Been out shopping too that was cool, spent more cash than intended but who doesn’t…

Hope everyone out there is up for a great Friday night out… I may go out later, but not yet, just starting on my bottle red wine, so will see what happens, anyways,
should go back to work…..

Have a good one…



So pray tell me who understands the feline, world…

I mean my cat is beautiful, and her character, well she is amazing.

Having gotten her when she was far too young and impressionable, decided to call her spooky as she liked the inside of my motorcycle helmet instead of my new bed for her…

She then went from helmet size to liking my ornament cabinet, and you can guess what happened there, yep she broke one, but she still was cute, so couldn’t say anything.

I am a firm believer of treat them mean keep them keen and that goes with pets too.

My cat was pushed away in the first few days of her life with me, and then she decided that she would get over herself and go out there and explore… She wasn’t scared no more…

Spooky is the kind of cat who knows when I am sick and need affection but then again she is the sort of animal who follows me to the bathroom and sits there meowing while I am trying to have a wee. Umm very inspiring…

So now, she never leaves my side, and is the best friend I could ever want, she reads my thoughts and knows me as a person inside and out…

Wish sometimes I could pass the information on that she knows to my friends and family, as then maybe I wouldn’t have to explain myself so much…

‘How are you feeling’
‘What’s your day been like’
‘Are you eating properly’

God, my cat never asks those things, she just wants to curl up on my knee and listen to me not question me or what I am or what I’ve been doing..

She looks cute and acts cute, when she wants something she just has that smile on her face that says I need food, or I want to go out…

I just kind of know what she is thinking…

Wish it was like that with people…..


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