Hello all. Woke up this morning feeling really fine and happy… Unfortunately our usual routine of waking up and having brecki in bed and watching last night’s casualty was spoilt as we didn’t get the end.

But we got up and went to see my Nan. She had a letter from a woman down south saying her dad had died and she was looking through his papers and she realised that my Nan hadn’t paid her rent for the last two years on her leasehold property. She was asking for £13… Not a lot of money is it really…. well the letter doesn’t have a phone number on or doesn’t look official at all. So I told her it was a scam, she is going to ring her solicitor tomorrow and ask her though.

Anyways I had a drink while I was there and I came over all sick and weird feeling… wasn’t good at all but managed to get home and then go to bed for a bit, boring on me own though lol..

Anyway hubbys made a nice English roast dinner so am going to try some now…

Talk soon


By kanundra Posted in netlog

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