A message to a friend who sent me a link to a pro Anorexic site which I found very disturbing.



I know you meant well by sending me that link today but I want you to understand the sort of damage you can do with sites like this,


You see I then spent all afternoon looking round it, yeah I know its triggering but the ed and curiosity sort of takes over and i think you should know that, its not good to look at these things what ever state of recovery you may think you are in.


I ate my tea tonight and then purged with the intention of hurting myself as much as possible as I felt so bad about it, I havent been doing great and those images and stuff just sent me over the edge.


Please be careful with who and when you share things like this,

I am not sure you are in the right place to watch them either, I think it will just make you feel worse.

Yes we all know ed’s are dangerous and people die, I have lost two good friends to ed, and that was the most awful time of my life, as i then severed my contace with the net. it was well before I met you.


I just feel you should know these things, and please know I didnot want to upset you too much, but I had to talk about the sort of real bad day i have had.


I hope tomorrow I will be able to put it behind me and keep on fighting I just wish I had been strong enough to not go visit the place you sent me.,


Love you hun remember that


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