Well just got home and am about to chill out for the day…

Last night was good as don’t get to see my mum that often, even though I had a mega headache when I got there I took some pills and it seemed to settle. Then went onto red wine, and got a little bit pissed, at least I slept good though, as haven’t done all week.

Been pretty tough since the car accident in April, so will be glad when the final cheque comes, and we have cash in our pockets and I don’t have to work overtime.

Hope to get some writing done today, but since I am here writing this um maybe I wont, oops. I will get told off again. Oh well never mind.


Well having such a good afternoon, nodded off in the chair… lol. now am awake and working again…

Hubby’s gone to bed with the cat, so dont think I will see him for a bit, so now am going to learn some more polish and decide whats for dinner. My oh my whats a girl to do…

By kanundra Posted in netlog

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