Thank you everyone.


I don’t know what to do to say and express how much I feel for you all, you are all so amazing,


I actually admitted yes I am not doing well and I am struggling, I was talking to one of my closest friends the other nightSianand I talked properly with her for quite a while, and it made me feel better, she is a wonderful friend and I think the world of her.


This is something, that I really want, I want to be better, I want to be free. I have to start to talking and being honest, and I have to do whats right for me.


If that means taking more time for me then I will have to, I love everyone here, and I will still be about, and posting, and on msn,


Have got some good news and I have a lot of stuff to be doing in the next four weeks, my short film is to be made and to be entered into a competition, at the end of April,


so busy busy bee i am.


I am hoping things will start looking better, it is getting there slowly.


Love and huge hugs,



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