I just wanted to say


I hope everything is ok, and wanted to say how much I have missed you, I apreciate everything you have done here, and always will do, you have a very special place in my heart,

1 that will never be forgotton,

2 be cherished forever

3 that will be repaid


You are truly the most amazing and beautiful person I have ever met, and its hard to come by people nowadays that have sacrificed as much as you have for others,

You really are an angel, and I hold want you to know, that,


Every member you have here has reached out over the internet and come to this site, spoken about some very painful and emotional issues, and most have been helped in some ways by the healing and support they have been given here,

Especially ME.


I love you, and am keeping you in my thoughts, love always, and sending more hugs, as I feel you still need them right now,



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