Hi everyone,

just wanted to remind everyone, how special we are, and why we come here.

I wrote this for B and L, but want everone to read it, and take note, this is why we have friends.






The thoughts and feelings going on inside your brain,

I know are driving you inasne,


But no matter how hurt you are,

To me you are a gold star,

All I want is you to keep shining, even though you feel like dying.


Know this pain will go away, and you will be free some day.


For I am around you in thought, to help your spirit when your caught,


To break those chains of torment and smash those great shoes of cement.


No longer will you drown, rise up breath in life do not frown.


Life is so precious and so are you, no more will you feel blue.


You have me and our friendships true.


copyright Dawn chapman 8th October 2004


Want to send  HUGE HUGS for everyone,


Loads of love Dawn



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