I wanted to write you this as you took the time to reply to my last post.

I don’t really understand where it came from all those feelings, but I have realised that I really do need to get some outside help even if it is just to talk over everything properly and get it all off my chest. It may have been a post that upsets some, and I know I can’t hid from everything in my past I must face it, not lock it away, otherwise it will just resurface again, and I dont want that.

Any ed illness comes with a lot of baggage, emotional and pysical, some nice and then not nice.

I think that with certain material like this maybe the warning of trigger or something like that is a good idea then those more sensitive can stay away from it. Maybe you can come up with a better warning message, for certain things. I don’t know, I was going to delete it this morning when I got up feeling that no one would have had chance to read it yet, but having seen a couple of the messages back to me, feel maybe it does serve something being there, and will leave it.

I have been to see my mum today and we had a little chat about a few things, some to do with my depression and others to do with my brother, I know she’ll only tell him what I said and maybe now he’s back off his honeymoon I will get a phone call. I don’t feel I have anything to say to him, its Paul he upset really I just got in the way.

Anyway I do feel a little better now, thank you for all of your advice, and I know I will pull through this.

Take care and hope to speak to you soon. Love and hugs Dawn

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