First drink, and real test… Vibrant Vegan :)

So it was my birthday, and I wanted to try one drink. We picked run, and made some dark n stormy.

Sadly it was terrible. 😭 And tasted liek sweaty socks. So no alcohol for me.

After my birthday, and my rum tasting awful. I want very hopeful in trying this, but it didn’t smell bad.

At least not like the meat products I’ve been cooking for Paul.

It was spicy, and I could taste the kick. I felt it had taste though wasn’t quite sure what, tomatoes, and the cashew nuts were distinguishable. The quorn added texture.

I thi k at the moment, texture and some flavours is good. But I am not going to get it. Not like a normal person.

I tried a small but of banana this morning. That was a, no. Bobby got the rest.

A quick one

So sorry there hasn’t been much in he posting department. 

With my birthday, and Xmas coming up, had so much to do. Now, full of cold. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and all the nest for the new year. I have spent the last two days in bed, but I ate tonight, so that’s good. 🙂 


All the best peeps and I hope to be back on form. Got lots to tell you and lots to catch up on. 


D x x