The Fab Jeff Hays :) – live read

I had the great pleasure of being included again last night in Jeff’s twitch reading.

This piece was co -written with my writing partner in crime Steven Kogan,

And although I missed it, and am sad about that, it was a great reading to go back and watch.

Take a listen and just watch those faces he does when doing Gavinu’s dialogue, love it.

click across to – 35:05 – “Tales from the Secret King: The Summit” by Dawn Chapman and Steven Kogan.…/…/B01MUD7CE


2 comments on “The Fab Jeff Hays :) – live read

  1. I am totally enamored with his ‘voices’ – he used an awesome voice for the old teacher in your story and if I hadn’t watched it would be hard to believe it came from him!

    I’m secretly hoping he’ll audition for Continue Online XD lol

    • He is defo awesome, 🙂 I can listen to Jeff all day long and put him on my phone at work this morning, then it ate all my data. sigh

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